Your Opportunity is NOW

2020 so far has been quite... interesting, to put it mildly. The pandemic, the news coming at us fast and furious... But the thing is… I really do believe with every challenge… there is always the seed of an even greater opportunity. An example of that for me was when...

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Case Study Invitation (Please RSVP)

I’m starting a new She's Got Clients Case Study Group this month, and I’m looking for a few people to work with to create successful case-studies - before the official launch of our top secret new program. Over the last few months, I’ve been working very closely with...

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[Webinar] A Candid Conversation on Race with Kyna Baker

* Case in point... after I shared this with my community, a reader let me know the word ally is problematic. This is a perfect example of why these conversations need to keep happening. In this time of change, you may be wondering: How can I be part of the solution?...

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My 2020 Word of the Year

As I head into my 12th year in business (!), mine is not a word but 3 words - GOOD AS HELL.  (Thanks, Lizzo. <3) I am claiming that in EVERY single area of my life. Boldly with NO apology.  A “pinch me” kinda life is mine to claim, and ya know what? I deserve it....

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Here’s How You Get Automated Leads 24/7

Chances are, you've likely experienced at least one of these things if you've ever tried experimenting with webinars: • Feeling overwhelmed by the technology behind webinars • Not knowing how to launch and effectively promote your webinar so people actually show up •...

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Speaker, trainer, bestselling author and award-winning business coach Christine Gallagher founded in 2009, a company dedicated to teaching women around the globe how to find more meaning, fulfillment and purpose in their life through the power of entrepreneurship.

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