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“It’s time for me to share… and give you an in-depth look behind the scenes to show you what I’ve done to not only create more abundance in my business, but re-ignite my passion for what I do, create a life I love by design, and stop stressing about the ‘competition’… and yes, it’s the complete opposite of what most everyone else is doing! You’ll get solid strategies you can take action on right away to make 2015 your best year yet. I’m really excited to bring you this information! Be sure to grab your spot now and I’ll see you there!”   ~Christine



The three energetic keys to selling I discovered that have led to signing on many more ideal, love-to-work-with-them clients.           (Hint: this is the OPPOSITE of what everyone else is doing–and will dramatically increase your conversion and retention. Plus, it           doesn’t cost a thing.)

The ONE common desire that every single prospect, client and customer shares, and how understanding and fulfilling this           allowed me to more than double my income in under 12 months. (This was a giant eye-opener, and you don’t need to have an           email list, a website or even be financially savvy to do this too! This will be a game-changer for you.)

How facing down my greatest and deepest fear allowed me to correct the painful “misalignments” that had been holding me           back. (I’ll show you how you can start overcoming your biggest fears, too, and BONUS–doing this will help you show up much           more authentically in your business AND life!)

shake6 The single powerful rule I adopted (which was shared with me personally by one of the stars of ABC’s Shark Tank!) which has           decreased the amount of hours I work per week by almost 30%. (If you do this too, you’ll move your business and your           income forward faster than ANYTHING else. I’ll show you how.)

shake6 The two simple tweaks I applied to my messaging that have increased the leads that come into my business by over 10x.           (This will also vastly improve the QUALITY of your leads–I’ll share how. You don’t want to miss this one!)

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