Avoiding One on One Client Burnout With Multiple Streams of Income

When it comes to one on one clients, I often see solo professionals either exhausted from working with them all the time–or frustrated and not making the money they want because they are focused on selling services or products at the highest price point they offer.

If this sounds familiar, you may adore your clients and love helping them, but are feeling burnt out or stuck because one on one sessions are all you are offering. So what’s the solution?

Leveraging your time and talent by diversifying the ways you earn income in your business.  One of the greatest things about running all or part of your business online is how easy it is to do this.  Let’s be honest, it’s no fun when a few of your clients all quit in the same month and you’re left scrambling to replace that income.

Similarly, if you are finding prospects saying they can’t afford what you offer, you still don’t want to lose them completely.  They’ve shown interest in you already-wouldn’t it be great to still be able to help them at a price they are willing to pay?

Some marketers refer to this as the “funnel” system of marketing and it is really quite clever.  Because not only does it allow you to still be able to make a sale, if you’ve provided them value at that lower price point, they are more likely to come back and buy from you repeatedly-and at higher prices.

So what do these multiple streams look like and why are they considered leveraged? It is all about reaching more people without spending more of your time.   Here are some specific examples:

E-books: These are simple to create.  Just PDF a Word document and you’re good to go.  This type of offering is usually the lowest priced item in the funnel (often between $17 and $47 depending on how comprehensive they are), and the best thing about it is that you write it once but sell it over and over.  This is definitely a smart use of your time.

Teleseminars: All you really need is a phone for this.  There are plenty of free conference call services that also record the calls for you.  Once you have a recording, you can also sell that as a product afterward or offer it as a bonus with another offering.  Teleseminars can be done as a one-off call or a series of calls.

Group coaching/training or e-coaching:  We all have valuable knowledge we could teach and share with others.  Believe that others would be very willing to pay to learn what it is you know!  A great way to accomplish this is to train or teach a group of people all at the same time.  This can be done by phone, interactively by webinar, or even by email.

Membership sites:  Sometimes referred to as continuity programs, these are private sites that people pay a fee, usually monthly, to be a part of.  It’s a way to provide useful, exclusive content to paying members and it’s a win-win: they get valuable tips, lessons and strategies from an expert and you get paid consistently and by multiple members.

Affiliate marketing:  Have you used products you’ve loved and would be happy to rave to others about?  Consider becoming an affiliate if a program for that product is offered.  Essentially, because you are helping to spread the word for the creator of that product, they are giving you a percentage of the sales they make.  Pretty easy!

Next time you are stressed over a lack of clients or simply worn out from one on one appointments, commit to getting going on at least one of these streams.  If you still need convincing, think about all the time it will help you free up to be with friends and family.

After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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