Join me this November 14-16 to get the concrete plan to reach a much larger audience with an engaging message that resonates.

It’s time to break through the noise and AMPLIFY your reach, impact and mission in this world, and build a presence and exposure you need to more than double your profits with ease.

This 3-day marketing training experience will equip you with a consistent, concrete plan and strategy to reach a much larger audience with an engaging message that resonates.

Not only that, but you’ll learn exactly how to convert that audience into buyers, clients and true FANS of your business.

You’ve got a lot of people out there to help! I know you’re OVER getting lost in the shuffle and drowned out by the noise. It’s time to break through and AMPLIFY your reach, impact and mission in this world.

Over 3 powerful days, I will walk you through 5 crucial steps in-depth… steps to garner you the platform, presence and exposure you need to more than double your profits with ease.

You will walk away from this event with a clear plan for turning your gifts into income, while changing more lives. All taught by someone (me! :)) who is known for explaining it all simply and clearly. It’s time to get passionate about your business again!

“It was an incredible 3 days. Christine taught us the importance of over-delivering and modeled it in the event. I came away with dozens of specific steps to grow my business.  With her suggestions, my email list more than tripled and I met my income goals for the year. I still reference the giant binder of information that she gave us!”

Laura Peifer

“When I arrived at Christine’s event I had nothing but an idea and no way to accomplish it. I’ve since launched my business, increased traffic to my Facebook page by 500%, and used Christine’s workshop binder to create my own website. Just the networking opportunity alone made the 12 hour drive to the event invaluable to my new business. It really was life changing for me!”

DeShawn Wert

“3 awesome days! Christine’s live event was packed with so much valuable information that I knew she had the plan that I needed to move forward. Marketing my own business had been difficult for me. Christine’s event gave me a clear plan which has raised my confidence level and enabled me to raise the level of my services.”

Christine Rothdeutsch


Here’s what you get when you attend AMPLIFY:

  • You’ll discover the formula to rise above the noise to GET known and STAY visible (even when it seems like everyone’s clamoring for everyone else’s attention)

  • You’ll learn how to create relevant, shareable, high-value content that gets your market to pay attention–every time

  • We’ll uncover your unique “X Factor” in the marketplace, one that will differentiate you from the crowd so you’ll attract the best clients and opportunities

  • You’ll get a simple strategy to clear your confusion around WHAT and when to post on social media

  • We’ll craft your engaging marketing message, one that resonates and connects with your most ideal, “dream” clients (yes, you’ll know EXACTLY what to say!)

  • You’ll understand exactly WHO you are most meant to serve, and how to reach them in much larger numbers

  • You’ll create your own marketing calendar that’s easy to use and easy to follow

  • You’ll discover the only 4 things you need to know to create a lead capture system that builds a responsive list AND fills your pipeline

  • I’ll show you how to consistently book speaking engagements (online and off) that boost your credibility and position you as the expert

  • You’ll gain a clear understanding of how to build out a successful online sales funnel

  • I’ll teach you how to collaborate your way to revenue (and amplify your reach BIG time) with joint ventures

  • You’ll learn specific, simple ways to “clone” yourself with technology to get MORE results in less time (even if you consider yourself non-techie!)

  • You’ll be shown how to make FAST decisions in your business, so you can finally conquer procrastination and perfectionism

  • You’ll get freed from overwhelm with a step by step marketing plan that’s plug and play

  • And too much more to mention…

You will emerge from this event re-inspired, focused, and ready to jump into fierce IMPLEMENTATION mode! This will be the turning point where everything changes… and where you commit to getting your message and your mission out there more than ever before. It is YOUR time!


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