Hello ALJ rockstars!

I’m so excited you’ve arrived here. As you know, I’ve got a very special limited time offer available to you to continue our fabulous momentum together!

The MOST IMPORTANT thing for any business owner to know is how to inject QUICK CASH into their business whenever they need it.

Because whether you’re a new business owner barely making it by or an established business owner with multiple income streams, your cash flow and your ability to create it on demand is everything. And if we are talking about adding more leverage, systems and automation to your business, like you’ve been learning in this course, that costs money!

As a business owner you must know how to make money quickly any time you need an influx of cash in your business.

You have to know how to make money quickly in those situations! Cash flow is everything. And if you don’t have control of it, you can lose it all in an instant.

So the Quick Cash Flow Techniques I teach my private clients, (and that I am certified in), are essentially designed to simplify and speed up the process of injecting cash into your business whenever you need. That way, any time you decide you need some extra cash, you pull this technique out, you deploy it, and watch the cash flow into your life.

People make marketing and making money so complicated.
But it doesn’t have to be!

So, I made each campaign as simple as just two steps. STEP 1: CREATE AN OFFER. Because, well, you have to have something for people to buy. STEP 2: SEND TRAFFIC TO IT! Because, well, you have to have people to sell it to. And more eyeballs in front of your offers means more potential buyers.

Where it gets a little tricky, why people think marketing is complicated is, and frankly why they hire me to help with this is… there’s so many different types of offers to choose from and so many different types of traffic to choose from too!

…And different offers and different traffic will create different results. So the choices that you make are really important. That’s why in each cash injection campaign, what I’m doing is I’m helping you pick the right offer and the right traffic…. And giving you templates for how to put that offer in front of that traffic.

This cash flow technique that I teach my clients and that I do myself is responsible for generating big amounts of money in quick time frames with very little set up work….

Over and over again…for online and offline businesses, and for both new and established business owners too.

Inject Cash Into Your Business Quickly With No Sales Page, No Launch, No Funnels, And No Technology Either…
With My Simple And Speedy Cash Injection Campaigns and Templates!

What I do is called “Cash Injection Campaigns.” I have designed a series of campaigns that work to up your cash flow and make you money quickly and easily. The offer I’m sharing with you here is to get access to my Cash Injection Campaign Strategies and Templates.

This is a series of campaigns designed to inject quick money into your business without a sales page, without complicated sales funnels, a big launch, or crazy amounts of technology.

I wanted these campaigns to be as simple as humanly possible so that no matter what business someone was in or how long they’ve been in it, they could use it any time they wanted to up their income.

Recent results using these techniques in my business:

… 14k with just 3 emails
…7k with with 1 phone call
…9k with one 30 minute talk

And that’s just the recent past couple of months. But I don’t keep these to myself, I’ve been using these with my private clients.

Here’s what I’ll give you to get these campaigns going in your own business:

  • Access To All Of My Cash Injection Campaign Strategies
  • Plug-and-Play Scripts and Templates
  • 2-Weeks of Intensive Facebook Group Accountability and Coaching
  • Direction From Me About Which Ones Make Sense For You And How To Customize Them To Your Business
  • The Opportunity To Increase Your Cash Flow RIGHT NOW With No Sales Page, Tech, Launch, or Funnel
  • The Opportunity To Discover How To Get Quick & Easy Money In The Door ANY TIME YOU WANT In The Future As Well!

  • The Cash Injection Intensive is only $1497.

    And I could actually charge like 5x that considering what your ROI can be if you put this into practice. BUT, besides the special pricing, I ALSO wanted to do something extra special for my ALJ-ers….

    You Choose:

    Cash Injection Intensive alone: $1497


    Cash Injection Intensive + Unlimited “Get ‘er Done” Business Coaching With Me For A Full Year: $2497

    Yes, you read that right 🙂

    My “Get ‘er Done” Coaching Program Offers You Unlimited, One-On-One Business Coaching with me for a Full Year — for less than $84/month.

    This offer is only good until next Monday 1/23 at 11:59pm ET.

    Let me coach you to:

    * Create Your First Product

    * Design Your Automated Webinar Funnel

    * Hit Six Figures In Business

    * Plan And Implement Your Product Launch

    * Any Business Goal!

    For one week only, you can sign up for unlimited “Get ‘er Done!” coaching with me for one full year for a one time price of $997.

    I’m limiting this to 8 people because I’m not sure I can handle more right now.

    This is going out to my list of 13k+ next week.

    I would LOVE for you to be in this program with me!

    If you have any questions, email me asap because this offer is over on 1/23 or after it fills up (8 spots remain): ceocg@shesgotclients.com.

    Let’s do this!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I need to commit to the Cash Injection Intensive?

It will take you around 1 hour to review the cash injection campaigns, about 2 hours to implement your first one, and I recommend reserving 1 hour each week for Q+A time with me in the group.

When will you offer it again? Why should I sign up right now?

This has traditionally only been provided to my VIP and private Mastermind clients ONLY. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that this will ever be released again. Those clients invest $7-$20K to learn these strategies and I want to honor that.

How does the unlimited coaching work?

Here’s the deal… You get unlimited 15-minute laser coaching sessions with me for full year. On each session, we agree on your homework and you must complete your homework before you schedule your next session. If you want to do your homework immediately, then you can schedule your next session that very same day. This is truly unlimited business coaching for only $997 (divide that number by 12 to see the crazy low cost per month, who else DOES this?). Other clients have paid me between $2K and $3K PER MONTH to help them achieve their goals. You’ll get access to that same high level of advice and direction during our 15 minute laser sessions FOR ONE FULL YEAR!

How it works: You will get an email with a link to my calendar so that we can have our first coaching session together (the first session is 30 minutes instead of 15 so that I can get to know where you are in business and what you’d like to accomplish over the next year). On the call, we will identify your goals and come up with homework that we agree on (we both must agree on the homework, I won’t go crazy and give you too much). After each call, I send you an email with a link to the recording of our call, your homework, and a link to schedule our next call. That’s it! It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s only $997 for a FULL YEAR of coaching with me. You have one full year to get on the phone with me for as many sessions as it takes to “Get ‘er Done!” and reach your goals.

You can schedule as many 15 minute coaching sessions as you like for the next 12 months. You simply must do your homework before you schedule each session. This pushes you to take the action you need to take to get the results you want. THE REASON: I’m offering you this because I really *LOVE* coaching! My high paying clients get me for 1-2 hours per call and those marathons can really take a lot out of me. But with 15 minute laser calls, I find myself with more energy at the end of each call than I had at the beginning. That’s a symptom of doing what you love.

To do the Cash Injection techniques, do I need a list, certain technology or a sales funnel?

Nope! This is a series of campaigns designed to inject quick money into your business without a sales page, without complicated sales funnels, a big launch, or crazy amounts of technology. I wanted these campaigns to be as simple as humanly possible so that no matter what business someone was in or how long they’ve been in it, they could use it any time they wanted to up their income.

Can I just do the one year of business coaching by itself?

No, the year of business coaching is a special offer only available when bundled with the Cash Injection Intensive. Why? I want you to hit the ground running and make back your investment in the Intensive as quickly as possible – and then enjoy my support for a full year to help you leverage ALL the cash injection campaigns, PLUS get direct help with any other marketing and cash flow questions you have on an ongoing basis!

How long do I have to take advantage of this?

This special offer expires on Monday, January 23rd at 11:59pm ET.

“Before I learned from Christine, I had a fledgling business I had just started and I was tech-illiterate! I didn’t even have a Facebook Page.

Today, I have a full website, a virtual assistant, a much improved social media presence and I’ve held my first teleclass and live event!

Christine over-delivers is there for you with all her heart.”

Harriet Linder

“Since working with Christine, my business has grown in very tangible ways–my list has grown from 250 to over 2800, I have 350 new customers, and my team has quadrupled.

I also hosted two teleseminar events with over 650 registrants each and a telesummit with nearly 400 registrants.

The tangible skills I’ve learned from Christine have dramatically affected the course of my business.”

Lacey Swartz

“Christine taught me the importance of over-delivering and modeled it. I came away with dozens of specific steps to grow my business after learning from her.

With her suggestions, my email list more than tripled and I met my income goals for the year. I still reference the giant amount of information that she gave us!”

Laura Peifer

As seen in:

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“Before working with Christine, I was struggling to find a way out of the hours for dollars model. Once I started working with Christine, I started making money with what I know as opposed to with what I do.

Within a few months my list has doubled, I’ve cut back on my done-for-you services and take on only ideal clients.

I’ve now held many teleseminars, group coaching programs, and even my own telesummit!”

Carol Ann DeSimine

“I’m now clear on what it’s going to take for me to take my business to the next level and get out there in a BIG way!

Since learning from Christine, I’ve taken on more clients within a couple of months of starting than I had in the previous six months on my own, my email list has nearly doubled and I am working smarter, delegating more to my Virtual Assistant. It feels great to be in fierce action.”

Michele Welch

“Since taking Christine’s course, I have generated more revenue and re-enrolled one of my clients who was nearing the end of her program. And signed on another new client – solely through a conversation in email.

I created two new amazing programs in two days and I raised my prices because I saw that what I was giving was way more than what I was charging. I attribute this to more inner confidence because I now know what I am doing with my business and this course filled in a lot of the empty places.

I have taken other online courses and home study programs that gave valuable information but it wasn’t presented in the way you presented your material. I have implemented more with your course than any of the others I have taken.

Kim Ravida

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