Earn Regular Monthly Commissions With Our Affiliate Program!

As you may know, I’m a big believer that there is always more than enough, and more than enough for everyone. So in that spirit, I have a really great invitation for you. I’ve realized that I simply can’t promote all my most popular products and programs by myself. So, if you let other people know about any of them, I’ll gladly pay you 30-50% commission on every sale you refer through our Affiliate Program. What is an Affiliate Program? An Affiliate Program is a win-win for both of us! You make a commission for each product or program that someone else purchases through your unique affiliate link, and I make a sale I might not have without your help.

As an Affiliate, you get…

  • 30-50% commission (depending on the promotion) on every sale referred by you
  • unlimited earning potential
  • fast and reliable payments as often as every month
  • an e-mail every time you make a sale
  • promotional materials

There are several products, events and programs that you can earn commissions on:

  • The Amplify live 3-day workshop
  • The Get Clients Online Home Study System
  • Website Without Worry: Step-by-Step Strategies to Using WordPress
  • The Inside Out live 3-day retreat
  • and other projects that are in the works

Anyone can become an Affiliate, as long as they:

1) only use ethical methods to promote our offerings. We WON’T tolerate anyone promoting our products and programs via unsolicited e-mail marketing (aka “spam”). 2) do not promote our products and programs via sites or marketing that contain what we deem to be offensive content. You’ll receive a check as often as every month, and our shopping cart system does all the work for us and keeps track of the details. Once you become an affiliate, you can log-in to our site anytime and check your stats. It’s that simple! This is an easy and quick way to add an additional passive revenue stream to your business. I’d be thrilled to partner with you, so if you’re ready…

and start earning money right away.

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