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“Would YOU Like My STEP-BY-STEP System for Using Social Media and Online Marketing to Transform Your Consulting, Coaching or Solo Service Business into a Successful and Sustainable Online Profit-Producer, While Gaining MORE Time and Freedom in Your Life?”

How would you like that in a real world, real people PROVEN system for consistently bringing in new clients and customers using the Internet?

I’ve done it, my clients have done it, and YOU can, too. I’ll show you how in my…

6 Simple Steps to Kick Start
Your Social Media Success System™

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From: Christine Gallagher
Your Relationship Marketing Mentor
New Jersey, USA
Monday, 9:30 AM

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Are you a coach, consultant, or other solo professional who:

Feels like they are in information overwhelm
Has no idea what to do next
Wants the ability to only work with their most favorite, ideal clients
Is tired and burnt out from only working one-on-one with clients
Wants to understand how to implement multiple streams of income
Wants to make more money without working harder
Is ready for someone to personally guide and help you along your path

…a fellow solopreneur who understands where you want to go and can light the way to finally help you get there… who is actually making a great living not just from private clients, but by creating and selling information products online? Someone who truly understands where you’re at?

Yes? Well, then I’m here to help!

You see…

I’ve been there—not knowing where to start, feeling totally confused, having invested in other courses and information products that just left me more lost than before…

and it wasn’t so long ago…

A few years back, I was unhappily working in a job at a company that was struggling financially. I was restless, bored and unfulfilled and wanted to have my own business so badly. Having always had a job, I was unsure how to make the leap and anxious about losing the “security” of a paycheck.

Being someone who always knew that it’s better to learn from people who are where you want to be (instead of fumbling around trying to figure it all out yourself), I began seeking out mentors. That search led me to several people who each taught me an incredible amount about personal development, business success and marketing.

However, it wasn’t until one day when I decided to make a HUGE (and frankly terrifying) financial leap of faith to hire a mentor and coach (who was making well into the 6 figures) who would completely change my life.  In fact, the universe must have seen I was ready to really play big when I made that decision—as 3 weeks later I was promptly laid off from my job!

When that happened I was filled with a mix of emotions—pure terror at first wondering what in the world I was going to do; then nervous excitement because I knew with my coach’s guidance there was no turning back.  I was determined (and had no choice really) to learn as much as I could about building a successful and sustainable business online.

Why online?  Well, I had just recently gotten married and I was dead set on finding a way to make a really good income without the commute, the lack of control and the lack of true financial opportunity associated with most jobs—before we started a family.  I knew that when we did decide to have children, I wanted to be home with them, unlike my own working parents who were never able to be home with me growing up.

The bottom line was, I HAD to make this work.

As I studied under my coach privately for over year (and continue to), I soaked up all her experience and knowledge like a sponge.  Not only that, but I began implementing like crazy. Although the financial investment was considerable, the shortcuts, accountability and support I was getting was priceless.

For the first time in my life, I knew I was going to achieve my long-held dream of having my own business.

In front of the Paris Opera House

Around the same time, this thing called social media was absolutely blowing up and I began to feel very drawn to it.  I discovered I had a real knack for helping others simplify and implement social media as a marketing strategy.

Combining it with the online marketing and entrepreneurial skills I was learning through my coach, I began growing my business by leaps and bounds. People were sitting up and taking notice of this success and were constantly asking me what it was that I was doing.  Because I knew I could map out exactly what I was doing and help others achieve the same results I had in much less time, I decided to create a real-world, proven system for consistently bringing in new clients and customers using the Internet.

See, I was learning from someone who had figured out that it is not about you working harder, but working smarter. There are people who practically kill themselves working really, really hard—and although they may be making some money, they are absolutely exhausted with no time to enjoy their lives.

With my coach Alicia Forest at Ali Brown's SHINE Event in Las Vegas

I want to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so hard. That you can have the money AND the lifestyle that you desperately want.  Maybe that’s more time with your kids. Maybe it’s more vacations with your husband.  Maybe you just finally want to have the time to take care of yourself better.

It took me awhile to flesh out (and write out) the system that I use and follow every day that consistently brings me more customers, clients and cash flow month after month. But now that I have, I want to share with you the steps and strategies that laid the foundation that enabled me to start making consistent money every single month.

I don’t have to struggle—to get clients, to make money, to enjoy life outside my business.

Spending time at the beach house

Today, I have over 19,000 people in my community and on my email lists with new subscribers signing up every day, I work with just a few fabulous clients, and I make more money than I ever did in a job not so long ago.

It’s an awesome feeling doing something you love, and making really nice money doing it! I’m happy to say it’s also really fun. 🙂

Here’s some of what I’ve been able to enjoy since I began following this system:

The ability to make more income, without having to work harder
Running my business from wherever I happen to be (even the beach!)
Investing in furthering my own education via mentors and events
Being able to spend every weekend in the summer at the shore
The ability to give back to causes I feel strongly about
Knowing I will be able to be home with my future little ones when the time comes

So, how is all of this possible? Keep reading because…

“I will show you how in 6 Simple Steps!”

At the Eiffel Tower

Over the last few years I’ve invested a lot of time and money into figuring out a marketing system that works—because I had no choice if I wanted my business to succeed, and be able to raise a family while working from home.

The system I’ve created, both by learning and doing, has helped me:

* become known as a go-to leader in my niche
* get lots of targeted traffic to my website
* convert that traffic into subscribers and buyers
* help a lot more people
* to cherry-pick only a handful of my ideal clients to work with one on one
* create and market products that bring me income even while I’m sleeping 🙂

The system I am introducing to you was born out of the fact that many of you have expressed your frustration at understanding how to market yourself and your business online. You have been saying things like…

With new nephew Jonathan

“I know I need to figure out all of this social media stuff, but it’s all piecemeal now and I just don’t know where to start!”

“I just wish there was a SYSTEM I could follow that I know will produce the results I need!”

“I am tired of leaving money on the table because I don’t have a real, cohesive online presence!”

But what I hear most of all….

“I am so overwhelmed because I don’t know how to use these tools—I just need somebody to walk me through step by step…”

Well, now you have that….with the 6 Steps System!

In fact, I’m giving you a complete step-by-step plan to social media and online marketing success.

It’s all in my…

6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System™

But I want to be clear…

View of the ocean from my toes

This is NOT an A to Z guide about business online. These ARE the first steps you need to take to build a strong foundation for your successful and sustainable online business.

This system is NOT a general plan for any kind of business. It’s specifically been created for coaches, consultants, virtual assistants and other solo professionals.

This is NOT a get rich overnight scheme, but it is a PROVEN system for building a potentially highly successful AND profitable online business.

Ready to order now?

Click here to order your copy

In 6 Simple Steps, you’ll learn…

How I created a business that attracts more of my ideal clients and customers, and brings me more time, money and freedom.

That’s what I longed for when I went into business—didn’t you?

But don’t stress, you just need someone to show you the way. Once you get going, the pieces will finally all fall into place.

The 6 Steps System Teaches You Online Marketing Strategies and Processes Combined with Social Media to Create a Real-World, Proven System for Consistently Bringing in New Clients and Customers Using the Internet.

Core concepts include…

1. Understanding the right way to market using social media in order to avoid mistakes and missed opportunities

2. Setting up your first blogsite with WordPress and using it as your social “home base” for pulling in an abundance of new leads.

3. Building profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to build relationships and convert friends and followers to clients and customers

4. Learning lots of really effective methods for driving traffic to your site and building a list of prospects to consistently market to

5. Implementing powerful marketing techniques to bring in more sales and more cash flow…while still having a life!

I hope that all sounds good to you!

Spending time with niece Emily

But why am I doing all this—especially for much less than others would charge?

It’s because I want you to succeed. I absolutely love helping other solopreneurs on the path to success in their marketing and their businesses. Not to mention I have a huge passion for working with others who are also fanatical about working for themselves!

Be sure to see to what others have to say about how I have helped them with their social media and online marketing plans. You’ll see their testimonials throughout the rest of this page.

“I Would Not Hesitate to
Recommend Christine and Her Programs”


“Before taking Christine’s 6 Steps TAG program, I was brand new to Twitter and had only used Facebook for purely personal purposes. I was just starting my own business and had no website or Facebook Fan Page. I am techo-challenged so all of this was very intimidating to me, but I did not have the funds to hire a professional to set it all up for me.

However, since completing the 6 Steps TAG program, my website is 98% complete and my Facebook Fan page is ready to go. Christine helped me accomplish the two biggest goals I had when I registered for her course.

I realize that there is a lot more I can learn and do with both my website and Fan Page, and I feel confident that I can explore other options for successfully using both of them with what I learned from Christine. Her 6 Steps course manual is so comprehensive that I know I will return to it time and time again in the future.

I would not hesitate to recommend Christine and her programs. She has a wonderful teaching style, and she has a wealth of knowledge that she shares with her students. She answered every question very clearly, and she was always quick to respond to questions in between classes. She uses a variety of formats to teach (webinars, teleclasses, and the written manual) so there is a style that everyone can learn from.

I look forward to taking more classes from Christine in the future. There are a ton of courses out there that are offered, and some of them are nothing but scams. Christine is the real deal, and her programs are affordable for anyone at any level.

Lori Latimer

““Was the Best Thing I Could’ve Ever
Done for My Social Media Efforts”


“Contacting Christine was the best thing I could’ve ever done for my social media efforts. Even though I am a techie and could probably eventually figure it out for myself Christine was my shortcut to the best tools to use, gave me proven shortcuts around the maze of settings and setup screens, and provided the framework and support I needed to get things setup (the right way) quickly and effectively.

I highly recommend her to get you started, amp up what you already have in place, and periodically check-in to make sure you’re up to date with the ever-changing new enhancements.”

Paula Gregorowicz
The Paula G Company

“I Could Not be More Pleased with My Return on Investment”


“I kept hearing that my small business should have a blog, but I was paralyzed by the whole concept. What technology should I use? What would I write? Why would anyone care? How can I find the time to research, create, and post my content AND run my business? How do I even get started?

That’s when the 6 Steps TAG course came to my rescue. Christine’s course took me step by step from “soup to nuts.” Let me share with you what I’ve learned. You may not know these terms now, but that’s the whole point. I didn’t know them either. But, I do now!

I learned: why blogs are important to small business owners, typical reasons we resist them, which blogging platform to use and why, how to use the blogging platform including download, installation, themes, RSS feeds, measurements, plugins, how often to post, creating posts, generating content, and how to make my blog social media friendly which drives traffic between my blog and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and more.

I have also seen outstanding improvement with my website: my Alexa Ranking has gone from 8,000,000+ to 6,743,344, and my Google search results have gone from a single link on Page 3 to 80% of the links on Page 1 and 1-2 links on Pages 3-10 (that’s where I stopped checking)!

Why is any of this important to me as a small business owner? It helps me build relationships with past/present/future customers, so that when they are ready to purchase my product/service, they know/like/trust me, and they contact me. Because of blogging and social media, I am given the opportunity to win their business.

What small business owner can afford not to learn these tools? What small business owner can afford to learn these tools using trial and error? And, with Christine, I got the heart of a teacher and the head of a social media professional to walk me through it all, step by step. As a result, I could not be more pleased with my return on investment. Thanks, Christine!

Tina Bonifacio
Organized By Tina

“Christine Really Taught Me the New Language of Social Media”

“Social media was such a huge unknown for me. Not only the technical parts but the ‘what do I do now’ when I get it all in place! I also had several video clips from news segments and I did not know how to use them for marketing. I now have them on my own YouTube channel and can post them everywhere easily!

Additionally, I now have a Facebook Fan page with 60 fans. (Plus, as soon as I got my 25th fan, I knew to create a custom vanity URL for my Page thanks to Christine!) I even have a Hootsuite account that will post to all of my social media sites at once. Now I am able to put a plan together to schedule my posts. I have done several posts throughout the course, and I am now ready to get a system in place for which types of entries I will post and how often.

And YES! I would highly recommend Christine and the 6 Steps TAG group! Christine really taught me the new language of Social Media! She is also very good about answering questions between sessions. I think everyone in the class got more than their money’s worth.”

Birdie Brennan
Brennan Professional Organizers

“Without Christine, I Would Never
Have Gotten as Far as I Did”

“Before hiring Christine as my coach, I dabbled in Facebook just on a personal level. I knew I needed help to get to the next level, and I knew Christine was the one to get me there. Christine helped me set up my Facebook Fan/Like Page, she helped me set up my Blog, and she attached my Blog to my Facebook Fan/Like Page. Without Christine, I would never have gotten as far as I did.

Many of my clients have told me that they really like reading my tips, I’ve gotten more fans and a client, and I’ve already gotten comments on my Blog. Christine has always been supportive, has taken the time to help me even when we weren’t meeting, and responds to me in a timely manner. I would HIGHLY recommend using Christine as a coach. When I am ready to do even more with social media, I will, without a doubt, be hiring Christine again.”

Barbara Berman
BB’s Clutter Solutions

“With the 6 Steps, You’ll Learn a CLEARLY LAID-OUT, STEP-BY-STEP PLAN You Can Start Implementing Immediately to Begin Building a Sustainable and Successful Online Business.”

*** You’ll be learning exactly what you need to know, and no fluff that you don’t! Which means less overwhelm and no more feeling like you are stuck! ***

Here’s just a SMALL SAMPLING of what you’ll learn with this system:

1. Discover What Social Media Is and Why It’s So Important for Small
Business Owners to Incorporate into Their Marketing Right Now

As a small business owner, it’s important to your success to understand social media’s benefits and why it’s worth the time to learn and make a part of your marketing routine.

Once you learn from me what social media is and how it can benefit you, I’ll teach you exactly how to figure out where to specifically focus your efforts. It’s common to feel overwhelmed at how many social media sites there are out there. Maybe you’re even getting invitations in your email to connect with others on sites you’ve never even heard of. It’s easy to start thinking that you need to be everywhere and then freeze up about where to even begin.

It doesn’t have to be that way—and the 6 Steps course will give you some simple but effective methods to clarify your strategy, hone in on your personal and professional brand and identify your most ideal connections so that you know exactly where to spend your time.

I’ll also show you:

  • How social media is the perfect vehicle to use to be seen as a credible expert and authority in your field
  • How to use a simple structure to define your social media objectives, plan, and priorities
  • How to create the type of presence online that magnetically draws people to you
  • The most important “unwritten rules” of etiquette in social media and how understanding them can help you avoid costly mistakes
  • How to focus on solving problems and educating with your content rather than selling, in order to be seen as a trusted advisor that your audience will be excited to refer others to

“People I Have Referred Via My Ezine
are RAVING About Your Programs”

“You add so much clarity to a topic that is so overwhelming for business owners who want to “do” social media but have no idea how or why. So many entrepreneurs struggle with marketing and jump on the latest bandwagon. I’m all about the plan! You have provided context so that they can make smarter use of their time and marketing efforts.

People I have referred via my ezine are RAVING about your programs. Obviously a much needed resource for small business owners who like me are not techies! Thanks Christine.”

Sherri Garrity
The Corporate Fugitive

2. How to Set Up and Use Your Own WordPress Blogsite

Think of your blog as your social home base. You can be out utilizing all of the social media tools and platforms in the world, but if you don’t have anywhere to send your friends and followers to outside of those platforms, your efforts will be in vain.

You may already have a website and that’s great. However, a traditional website is static, meaning it doesn’t change much. Occasionally you may update the information, but for the most part it functions as a pretty “brochure” for your business. With WordPress, If you don’t want to wait for (or pay for!) a Webmaster to make changes and adjustments to your site, you don’t have to. WordPress makes it easy for anyone to administer his or her own site without needing heavy technical knowledge or coding ability.

Think blogging might be too time-consuming or complicated? Think again, because…

In the 6 Steps I’ll teach you…

  • How to have your own blog up and running right away
  • How to set up and use RSS feeds
  • How to easily analyze your site’s traffic as well as measure the effectiveness of your marketing
  • How often you should update your blog and where to find content
  • How to simply and quickly optimize your site for the search engines—without being a tech genius!

3. How to Leverage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to Expand Your Reach and Build Your Brand in Just Minutes a Day

Let me reassure you that you don’t need to have a presence on every social site under the sun! I find that one of the biggest sources of stress for my clients and students when we first begin working together is the belief that you need to be omnipresent. Fortunately, this is not true—in fact, you could really sabotage your efforts if you started focusing on building a presence on every social site and platform! Talk about exhausting!

Let me let you in on a little secret: the most successful people in social media, the ones that appear to be everywhere—and connecting all of these “everywheres” seamlessly, to boot—are doing so by way of a few specific, focused strategies. You could call it “social leverage,” and I am going to share with you exactly how you can do this too—and no, it won’t take up all of your time either!

In the 6 Steps you’ll learn:

  • How to set up and maximize a Facebook Fan Page for your business
  • How to use Twitter to connect with your ideal customers and clients
  • How to use LinkedIn to rapidly grow your network and boost your credibility
  • The simple ways you can begin incorporating video into your marketing for powerful results

4. How to Make Your Blog Social Media Friendly to Get More Traffic and Build a Community Around Your Business

Having a blog is a great step in the right direction if you are looking for ways to dive into social media. Conversations are at the core of what it’s about, after all. However, there is a lot more that you can do once you’ve got your blog up and running.

You can think of your blog as a hub connecting all of your social media activities—and you’ll want to encourage visitors to interact with you socially in as many ways as possible. I’ll share with you lots of great ideas for how to best do that.

In the 6 Steps I’ll teach you:

  • How to advertise your social presence while you have your blog readers’ attention with icons, widgets and badges
  • How to link your blog to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to strengthen relationships and build your list
  • Which WordPress plugins to use to make your content super easy to share
  • How to create share-friendly blog posts

5. How to Create Relationships With Members of Your Target Market and Begin Building a List of Ideal Clients and Customers Today

Ok, you have at least one or two social media profiles set up and you’re ready to rock—but then what? The next step is to start using social media as a way to facilitate relationships with people who might potentially become 1) your clients or customers; or 2) your strategic alliances/joint venture partners.

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the technical details, the tools and the jargon involved in social media, but you want to remember that at its heart, it’s really all about people. When you use the best tools to more powerfully and strategically connect with people, then that is when you are able to reap social media’s powerful benefits.

In the 6 Steps you’ll learn:

  • Specific, proven ways to get more visitors to your website
  • How to engage your Facebook Fans with useful content, exclusive offers and helpful updates
  • How to write engaging tweets that help you get more followers and position you as an expert
  • What is acceptable to automate and delegate and how to do so in order to leverage your time and maximize your success

6. How to Turn Friends and Followers Into Clients and Customers and Begin Experiencing More Money, Time and Freedom in Your Business

While Tweeting, Facebooking and the like are fantastic methods, they are not the only game in town. To achieve the best results, you will want to have a varied mix of marketing tools in play all at once.

Online, much of your job centers on driving traffic to your website or blog so that prospective clients or customers can find out more. One of the best ways to increase the chances that someone will eventually buy from you is to build an email list.

Social media is an awesome way to drive traffic and build your list, but it is only one way. Using sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube along with the other strategies I’ll teach you in the 6 Steps will maximize your results for more traffic, more subscribers, more clients and more sales.

Here’s what else I’ll teach you:

  • How to capture your website visitors’ email addresses so you can follow up with them
  • How to make it super clear to your visitors what you want them to do
  • The best ways to keep in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis to stay on their radar and build their trust in you
  • How to implement multiple streams of income that will allow you to stop selling your time and start selling your knowledge
  • How to find out exactly what your niche wants to buy—and then create it for them
  • How to measure your results for faster and easier success

“OK Christine, Sounds Awesome. What’s My Investment Going to be to Learn the 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start My Social Media Success?”

Because I’m giving you ALL the goods on exactly how to grow your business successfully online, a real step-by-step blueprint where, if you take the action, you’ll have what you want, I’m sure you’re expecting that this WON’T be cheap!

However, you would be wrong. 🙂

When I told my own coach what I was planning to charge she definitely thought it was WAY too low.

But I know from experience from when I first started how hard it was to find quality, real-world information that not only actually WORKED, but that wasn’t going to break the bank either.

With Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero at Ali Brown's SHINE

The information and strategies I share in the 6 Steps System are what gave me the thriving business that I SO enjoy today and I truly love sharing it with others more than anything—because it WORKS!

I’d like to suggest that you don’t consider what it costs, but rather, what it’s worth to you.

Remember, these are the same strategies that I use to make more money and have more time and freedom in my life than I ever imagined.

What is THAT knowledge worth to YOU?

“You Are Hands-On. You Are the Best!!”

“I really don’t know how I found you, but quite honestly I so regret I didn’t find you earlier! You have great energy and give out clear, concise and helpful information. I can feel your authenticity and passion.

You are hands-on. You are the best!!”

Katherine Nuyens MA, CH, CBT
Empowering Change in You

Convinced yet? Click here to reserve your copy now!

One more thing…


**My Personal, Just-Updated Rolodex of Recommended Resources**

I’ve put together a list of tools and resources to get you going with building your business ASAP. You won’t have to spend the money and the time that I did finding all of these great resources because I’ve got it covered for you.

This is my own personal file of resources and tools I use, as well as some personal contacts I’ve made. Bottom line—this list will save you lots of time and money.

Still undecided about making this investment?

Consider What Else You Could
Spend $347 just $247
on that WOULDN’T
Help to Make Your Business Successful:

* A teleseminar that tells you all about the why and the what, but nothing about the how.
* Another ebook about how to create your own website or blog, but that doesn’t teach you how to set it up as a marketing tool.
* More tools (audios, courses, manuals etc.) that will just take up space on your shelf or your computer that you won’t ever do anything with.

In case you are STILL trying to decide at this point…

My Personal Guarantee!

If for any reason my 6 Steps System doesn’t meet your expectations, I want to make sure you end up happy. If you let my team know within 30 days of your purchase about your situation, we’ll give you an equivalent CREDIT to use on any product in my online store.

Please note since the 6 Steps System is a completely digital program, no refunds can be granted. But, we are happy to offer you a full credit toward any other program!

That’s my guarantee.

Ok…good enough? 🙂

Are You Ready to Claim Your Copy of…

The 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System™



Yes, Christine, I’m Ready to Learn the Real World,
Real People PROVEN System for Consistently Bringing in New Clients
and Customers Using the Internet!

* I understand that I’ll receive your entire 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System™ for turning my Coaching, Consulting, or Solo Service Business into a Successful and Sustainable Online Profit-Producer.

* I’ll receive instant access to my own 140+ page copy of the 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System™, packed full of examples, templates, and worksheets that will serve as my own manual to guide my business to success!

* BONUS: I’ll also receive worksheets to use right away, as part of the 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System™ that will help me build my business online even faster, as well as your personal File of Recommended Resources that can help save me thousands of dollars in time and money.

*I understand that I’m investing in the 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System™ at NO RISK whatsoever, because it comes with a full money back guarantee, which I can request anytime within 30 days of my purchase!

I’m ready to get my copy of the 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System™ right now by clicking the link below:

Click Here Now to Get Instant Access to Your Copy for $347 Just $247

I do hope you’ll invest in your business and yourself by taking advantage of the 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System™.

With Success and Love,

Christine Gallagher
Your Relationship Marketing Mentor

PS: This special price is good for a limited time only, so be sure to secure your copy of the 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System™ now!

PPS: Don’t forget that there’s completely NO RISK for you. If you aren’t happy with the system for any reason, you have my personal Guarantee. Just ask for a refund within 30 days, and I will honor your request, no questions asked.

Questions? We’re happy to help. Email us at info@ShesGotClients.com

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