We Support Established Service Providers in Adding $20k-$50k+ a Month in Recurring Revenue in 20 Hours a Week With a Leveraged Offer (Without Exhausting 1 on 1 Work or All the Marketing Stuff You Don’t Love.)

Who Do We Help?

Service-based female entrepreneurs (wellness professionals, coaches, healers, consultants, experts, etc.) who already have a business and clients, but want to move out of dollars for hours and into a more scalable business model. 

They want to work with their highest level clients for the highest fees doing their highest level work, without doing a whole bunch of stuff that drains or bores them.

What is the Problem We Solve Here at She’s Got Clients?

We solve the problem of being stuck in a model where you’re trading time for money, which creates several issues – the biggest being that you’re limited in the amount of money you can make, the amount of people you can help, and the amount of time freedom you can enjoy.

We show them how to create and sell leveraged offers that allow them to charge more, while cutting their work hours in half… without having to spend all day on social media, do a bunch of “discovery” calls, or waste time on all the typical “internet marketing” stuff.

What Are the Typical Symptoms People Experience With That Problem?

Business owners who are stuck in the dollars for hours model end up with their income capped, their business stagnated, overwhelm and frustration setting in, and their interest declining. They’ve essentially created another “job” for themselves and that’s a very not fun place to be. I know because that used to be me!

What Are the Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Solve That Problem?

One, the types of offers that they have limit them, because when you sell services, you often have a mindset that is based on charging per hour, instead of creating programs and packages that essentially blur the lines and allow you to reach more people without spending more of your time.

Two, they lack systems and processes which leave them with their hands tied, because it keeps them in a place of continually having to re-invent the wheel, which creates more inefficiency.

Three, they don’t delegate enough, or they delegate ineffectively. They’re not leveraging team and they’re still doing too much themselves which keeps them stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel.

What is One Valuable Free Action Someone Can Implement Right Now That Will Help Them Solve That Problem?

One of my favorite ways to add true leverage to a business is via intentionally designed offers – and you’re in luck! I created a 60 minute Masterclass that reveals for you proven strategies for REMOVING the cap on your income as a service provider, so that you can create a lot more revenue every month without adding more time or stress. Here is the link to access it now. (It will only be up for a limited time!)

Note: I took great care to ensure that this class is chock full of value, so it’s completely worth sticking around and watching it the whole way through! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Access Your Free Masterclass:
"SHE'S GOT LEVERAGE: Inside How Leveraged Marketing Strategies Have Cut My Work Hours To Part Time While STILL Generating MULTIPLE 6-Figures"

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